Academic Counseling & Advisement

Academic Advisement and Career Development provides a variety of services to support the academic goals and career plans of each NMJC student. Advisors are available Monday through Friday to help students prepare for an enjoyable and successful academic experience at NMJC. The Counseling and Advising Office is located in the Ben Alexander Student Learning Center. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Academic advisors assist with the following:

  • Academic Planning: Students can get help in selecting courses to ensure that they meet program requirements, develop a degree plan and register for courses they need.
  • College Policies and Procedures: Students can get answers to questions about course requirements, transferability of classes, and many other issues.
  • Student Services: Counselors will assist students in getting information about campus resources and student support services available to help students meet their academic and career goals.
  • Transfer: Students can get information on transferring to a four-year college or university
  • Career Counseling: Counselors and Advisors can assist students in choosing a career path.

Planning for effective transfer with maximum efficiency is ultimately the student’s responsibility. Responsible transfer planning includes early and regular consultation with the intended degree-granting institution to assure that all pre-transfer coursework will meet the requirements of the desired degree.

Academic advising at NMJC is an integral part of the larger mission of educating students. The primary purpose of the advising program is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their goals. The ultimate and final responsibility for making decisions about goals and educational plans rests with the individual student. The academic counselor / advisor assists by helping to identify and assess alternatives and consequences of decisions.

Each full-time degree or certificate-seeking student at NMJC is assigned an academic advisor and is expected to personally meet with that advisor for academic planning prior to each semester’s registration for courses. The academic advisor may be a faculty member or an academic counselor. Students should

  • know and meet graduation requirements;
  • meet with an advisor during registration periods;
  • meet with an advisor for discussion/ approval of course schedule changes;
  • make frequent advisor contact to help ensure adequate progress toward educational goals; and
  • identify and communicate career goals / plans to advisor.