Academic Fresh Start

Academic Fresh Start is a plan of academic forgiveness provided for students who have demonstrated academic responsibility following their return to college. Academic Fresh Start allows the calculation of the grade-point average (GPA) and credit hours toward graduation to be based only on work done after returning to college.

Students who were formerly enrolled at New Mexico Junior College and who have been separated from all institutions of higher education for a minimum of three calendar years from last date of attendance are eligible for the program.

Student Requirements:

  1. Separation from all collegiate institutions for at least three calendar years
  2. Completion of at least 12 semester hours of earned degree coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all work attempted
  3. Formal application to the NMJC Registrar requesting Fresh Start and describing an academic plan

Terms of Academic Fresh Start:

  1. Once the student has satisfied the above requirements, New Mexico Junior College may grant Academic Fresh Start status.
  2. The student’s permanent record will remain a record of all work; however, for degree or certification purposes, the student will forfeit the use of all college or university degree credit earned prior to the three- year separation upon the granting of Fresh Start status. Previously satisfied placement test requirements will not be forfeited.
  3. Upon degree admission, Fresh Start applicants who did not satisfy placement test requirements at the time of previous enrollment and whose academic plan includes completion of a college-level English or mathematics course must meet current placement test requirements regarding enrollment in college-level English and mathematics courses.
  4. The student’s transcript will note that the Fresh Start was made and the date of the Fresh Start. The record will also carry the notation “GPA and credit totals are based only on the work beginning with the date of the Fresh Start.”
  5. The student will apply for the Fresh Start with the understanding that other institutions/agencies and NMJC departments (e.g., Financial Aid, Instructional Departments) may not consider Academic Fresh Start in evaluating his/her academic record.
  6. Academic Fresh Start will be granted only one time and cannot be reversed.

Contact Information: Registrar, 575.492.2573