Attendance / Absences

Attendance Policy

Responsibility for class attendance rests with the student. NMJC expects regular and punctual attendance at all scheduled classes. Course syllabi state how absences affect student grades. Excessive absences constitute cause for dropping a student from class; however, do not assume that instructors will drop you. Students are responsible for assignments given and due in their absence. When students plan to miss class, they should notify their professors prior to missing class. When unavoidable circumstances make attendance impossible, students must provide a satisfactory explanation of their absences to their professors.

Online Course Attendance Policy and Participation Expectation

Students are not considered “as attending” an online class until they have actively completed an initial assignment or survey. It is expected that students log in to Canvas at least three times weekly to check the inbox to keep current with messages and updates. Students are expected to complete discussions, quizzes, tests, and assignments before the deadlines expire.

NMJC Authorized Absences

NMJC authorized absences (athletic events or scholastic activities that are officially NMJC sponsored) are considered excused absences and instructors will be notified of those students who will be absent from class. Students having absences due to college sponsored activities will be permitted to make up work. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with the affected professors to take care of required work; however, arrangements for make-up work should be made within a reasonable time frame, usually within one week of absence.

Military Service

Any student serving as a reservist in the armed forces who is called up for active duty should contact the Vice President for Student Services to explore potential options to continue or terminate his / her current enrollment. The Vice President for Student Services, along with the Academic Deans, will first explore ways to assist the student in completing his / her classes. If this is not feasible or viable, the college will offer the student a tuition waiver for a subsequent semester upon return from active duty. Documentation of the waiver will be maintained with the student’s permanent record. To ensure that NMJC is more than fair in its policies regarding military absences, we will process refunds that go beyond our normal refund schedule on a case-by-case basis. A student called up for active duty should contact the Vice President for Student Services in person or by writing before the end of the enrollment period. The student will need to provide a copy of his/her orders.


In accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, in the event of pregnancy, termination of pregnancy or recovery from any of these conditions, a student's absences shall be excused, as deemed necessary by the student's physician (Title IX.) The student should contact the Vice President for Student Services (Title IX coordinator) at (575) 492-2761 for further assistance.