Course Schedule Changes (Adding / Dropping)

Students are encouraged to secure advisor approval for all schedule changes. Students may drop a class and receive a refund through the first five days of each regular fall or spring semester, the first three days of an eight- week session, and the first two days of a four or five-week session. Classes dropped during these time periods will not appear on a student’s permanent record and a full refund for the class(es) will be processed. Specific add / drop deadlines are listed in the Academic Calendar, which is also found on the NMJC website. Students who register and do not want to be held liable for tuition and fees and / or have a transcript record created must drop the class(es) by the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar. Students may use the T-Bird Web Portal in order to change their schedule or they may fill out and sign an official add / drop form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. Notifying the instructor, an advisor, or simply not attending class is not sufficient to ensure that students are dropped from class.

Dropping a Class or Withdrawing

Dropping a course delays graduation. Students should plan their schedules and make a serious commitment to academic success. When it becomes necessary to drop a course, students must initiate the process and, in most instances, will have an opportunity to discuss the consequences with the professor of the class to be dropped.

Courses may be dropped through the date posted in the Academic Calendar as the “Last Day to Drop with a W”; however, students will still be liable for tuition and fees and will receive a grade of “W” for the course(s).

Students may use the T-Bird Web Portal or submit a signed official drop or withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Office. Students should not assume that they will be dropped for nonattendance. Students who stop attending a class but fail to drop the course will receive a grade of F and the grade will become a permanent part of their academic record. The final deadline to drop or withdraw for each semester or term is printed in the Academic Calendar, which is also found on the NMJC website.

A student who complies with policies to drop a class will receive a grade of “W”. This will be recorded on the student’s permanent record but will not be used in the calculation of the student’s semester or cumulative grade point average. However, dropping courses may affect current or future financial aid, and scholarships. Students receiving financial aid and / or participating in intercollegiate athletics should contact Financial Aid to discuss the impact of dropping or withdrawing, and in the case of an athlete, should contact his/ her coach to determine the effects of withdrawing will have on eligibility.

Administrative Drops

Failure to Pay

Registration is not complete until tuition and fees have been paid. Payment is due within 48 hours of registration for classes. If payment is not made, students who have not paid or made a “serious financial commitment” toward registration at NMJC will be dis-enrolled according to published policy. A student is considered to have made a “serious financial commitment” under any of the following circumstances.

  • The student has set up a formal payment plan through Nelnet.
  • The student has pending financial aid awards and the student has set up payment through Nelnet.
  • The institution has received a valid purchase order from a third party for which full payment will be received by the end of the semester, regardless of the student’s academic outcome; for example, a local school district agrees to these terms.

Faculty Drops

A student may be administratively dropped from a class for excessive absences, disciplinary reasons or other reasons within specific programs.