Parking & Traffic

Students are required to register the vehicle(s) they will be driving on campus. Permits will be issued in the Student Life Office and display their registration stickers at all times. All state and college traffic and parking regulations governing the use of motor vehicles must be complied with on all parts of the college campus throughout all hours of the day or night. Anyone operating a motor vehicle on the NMJC campus found in violation of traffic and / or parking regulation(s) will be subject to various sanctions, which may include temporary vehicle immobilization, payment of fine / fees, vehicle towed from campus at owner / driver expense, and/or suspension of campus driving privileges. Refer to the Student Handbook for specific safety information.

NMJC Campus Security & Safety, Hobbs Police Department, Lea County Sheriff’s Department, and / or the New

Mexico State Police have jurisdiction and authority to enforce all traffic violations.

Contact information: Director of Campus Security & Safety, 575.492.2530