Repeating Courses

The college recognizes the varied circumstances when a student requests to repeat a course, such as and not limited to the following: unacceptable grade for transfer, a required course for graduation or transfer, and possibly a need to raise a low grade point average for graduation. To understand how a repeat class could affect grade point average and overall transcript, the student should consult an academic advisor before enrolling in the same class for a second time.

Each registration for the course and each grade received will be listed on the transcript. On the transcript a notation will follow the course indicating that the course was repeated and designating whether the course will be included in the GPA. The highest grade will be used in the GPA calculation. There will be no limitations on course grades that are eligible for repeat. “Repeated” courses may be applied only one time to a certificate or degree, except for variable credit courses and designated courses that may be repeated for professional or personal development. Developmental courses are eligible to be repeated. All developmental courses will appear on the transcript.

All enrolled courses will be listed on the student’s transcript and none will be eliminated by future enrollments or course completions. Credit hours can only be earned once for any course. All repeat courses will carry the notation “E” or “I” directly beside the course grade on the transcript. “E” means excluded from GPA calculation and “I” means included in GPA calculation. All previous grades in a given course will also appear on the student’s transcript.