The Registration Process

Registration is the process of formally selecting and paying for classes. To register for classes, students must have completed the application process and be admitted, or be a continuing student. Registration and payment of fees must be made in accordance with the instructions and deadlines published in the Academic Calendar. Individuals may not participate or “sit in” on classes for which they are not registered. Students may register for credit or audit.

Students should note that registration is not complete until tuition and fees have been paid. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from courses prior to the payment due date if the student does not intend to attend class.

The Registration Process

  1. Review information on registration
    Registration information will be published on NMJCs website,, and in local newspapers prior to the start of classes.
  2. Start Planning Your Schedule
    The Schedule of Classes lists courses, registration instructions, and dates. The Schedule of Classes is available on the NMJC Website. Students should also refer to the later sections in this Catalog for program requirements and course descriptions.
  3. Meet with an Academic Coach
    Academic advisement is required for all incoming freshmen and is strongly recommended for all students before registering for classes. Academic coaches can provide assistance with career pathways, degree plans, course selection, and placement.
  4. Provide test scores
    Prior to registering for classes, degree-seeking students must provide test scores indicating that they have met the prerequisite standards. Prerequisites are requirements that must be met prior to registering for many courses. They may be met with approved placement scores on Next-Generation Accuplacer, through exempting scores on ACT, SAT, by transfer of credit from another institution, or by successful completion of a specific NMJC course.
    • New Mexico Junior College uses the Next-Generation Accuplacer exam to assess skills in reading, sentence skills, and mathematics. This test is used to help students plan an appropriate schedule of coursework and meet course prerequisites. The Next-Generation Accuplacer exam is available on campus and can be administered remotely as well. Students should contact the Testing Center in the Ben Alexander Student Learning Center for more information.
    • Students may be exempt from all or part of testing if they
      • achieve exempting scores on ACT, SAT, or TSI-A;
      • hold an associate’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution in the United States;
      • provide proof of successful completion of corresponding college-level math and / or English courses;
      • are a non-degree seeking student registering “Audit” only;
  5. Register for classes
    All incoming freshman students are required to meet with an Academic Coach prior to registering. Students can register in person in the Ben Alexander Learning Center or online using the T-Bird Web Portal.
  6. Pay tuition and fees
    In order to complete registration, all charges must be paid. Charges are based on the student’s residency classification for tuition purposes, the type of courses, and number of courses taken. After enrolling for classes, students have 48 hours to make payment arrangements. Students are not officially registered until the bill has been paid or arrangements have been made to pay.

Methods of Payment

  1. Payment in person: You may pay by cash, money order, check, credit card, or debit card at the Cashier’s Window in the Ben Alexander Student Learning Center or at the Business Office in the John Shepherd Administration Building.
  2. Payment by phone: You may phone in credit or debit card information to (575) 392.5207 or (575) 492.2772.
  3. Payment in full online: Go to the Nelnet Portal: Payment Plan, Full Payment, or Refund) under Registration Tools in the T-Bird Web Portal. There is no additional fee charged when a student is paying in full.
  4. Payment Plan: NMJC offers a payment plan administered by Nelnet Business Solutions. Students must use a checking or savings account, or credit or debit card to set up the plan. Go to the Nelnet Portal: (Payment Plan, Full Payment, or Refund) under Registration Tools in the T-Bird Web Portal.
  5. Installment Plan—payments are spread out over several months depending on the length of the semester and the date of enrollment in the plan. There is a $25 enrollment fee per semester. For more details, go to:

Students with Pending Financial Aid—students with financial aid not finalized at the time of registration must make payment arrangements. Those students with pending financial aid who have a FAFSA on file with NMJC for the appropriate year and with an “eligible” or “new student” status for Satisfactory Academic Progress may have the Pending Aid option when they log into the Nelnet Portal (Payment Plan, Full Payment, or Refund). There is no up-front cost to students with pending financial aid. For more details, go to: