Transcripts of previous high school or college coursework and certificates of high school equivalency completion are important to NMJC for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Proper advisement into programs and courses
  • Possible testing exemptions
  • Confirmation of pre-requisite course completion
  • Financial aid eligibility
  • Transfer of college coursework
  • Evidence of high school or equivalent completion

Because of the importance, incoming students are required to provide official copies, sent directly from all schools or colleges attended to, before meeting with an advisor for registration.

Transcript Requirement Exemptions

Students in the following categories will not be required to submit transcripts or HS equivalent certificates. (These exemptions may not satisfy eligibility requirements for financial aid, veterans’ educational benefits, or other assistance).

Please see an academic coach or financial aid advisor for additional information.

  • Students only auditing courses for personal enrichment.
  • Students enrolled only in transitional or ESL courses.
  • Dual Credit, ACT Academy, Concurrent, or Dual Credit Academy students.
  • Students that have obtained an associate’s degree, or 60 hours of transferable college hours, are exempt from providing a high school transcript.
  • A person who is 18 years of age or older, who is not a high school graduate and has not earned a high school equivalency certificate, may enroll in certain technical or vocational programs.

Students may file an appeal with the registrar if unusual circumstances prohibit submission of a required transcript (see Admission Appeals).