Transfer Credit

Transferring Credit to NMJC

Any applicant for admission who has attended another college or university must have official transcripts from all previously attended colleges or universities sent directly to the New Mexico Junior College Registrar’s office.

Evaluation of Credit

Credits earned at other institutions of higher education may be evaluated in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • An official transcript from each institution attended must be sent directly to the NMJC Registrar
  • Courses must be from a Regionally Accredited postsecondary institution
  • The student must be degree-seeking and courses must apply to the declared degree
  • A course description must be available in the transfer institution’s official catalog
  • When transferring from institutions on the quarter system, one quarter-hour is equivalent to two-thirds of a semester hour
  • The course must be considered college-level (i.e. not transitional or high-school level) work
  • Upper-division (junior and senior level) courses will not transfer unless as part of a specific articulation agreement
  • Courses that are accepted in transfer to New Mexico Junior College will be listed on the NMJC transcript with the letter grade and the number of hours accepted, but will not be calculated into the grade point average

New Mexico Common Course Numbering

The goal of the common course numbering system is to improve the transfer and articulation of courses between New Mexico's public and tribal higher education institutions (HEI). If a student completes a commonly numbered course at one New Mexico public/tribal HEI and transfers to another New Mexico public/tribal HEI, the receiving HEI shall accept the course as equivalent to the course with the same number that is offered at the receiving HEI. This means that a commonly numbered course shall fulfill degree requirements when it is accepted as an equivalent course that is part of the degree requirements of a student's chosen academic program at the receiving institution. A student who has completed commonly numbered courses that are not part of their chosen degree requirements is not exempted from course requirements for their chosen degree. The Course Numbering System will include all lower division academic courses offered at New Mexico's public higher education institutions.

New Mexico General Education Transfer Core

In accordance with policies established by the New Mexico Higher Education Department, designated general education core courses successfully completed at any regionally accredited public institution of higher education in New Mexico are guaranteed to transfer to any New Mexico public institution.

Transfer Credit Appeal

In accordance with New Mexico state regulations, NMJC has established the following procedure for receiving and resolving complaints from students or from other complainants regarding the transfer of course work from other public institutions in the state:

  1. File a written appeal with the Registrar’s Office providing the prefix / number of the course(s) in question, semester and year the course was taken, the name of the course, and the course description from sending institution’s catalog
  2. If the request is denied, the student may continue the appeal process to the Academic Standards Committee and must do so no later than 30 days following the notification of denial
  3. The Academic Standards Committee, in concert with the appropriate college division and / or content area, will review applicable materials and render a final decision

If the course or courses in question are part of a state-approved transfer module, the student may make further appeal to the Higher Education Department in Santa Fe by contacting:

Deputy Secretary for Academic Affairs
New Mexico Higher Education Department
2048 Galisteo St

Santa Fe, NM 87505-1650

If a student’s articulation complaint is upheld at that level and the student was required to repeat the course, the receiving institution shall reimburse the student the complete cost, including tuition, books, and fees of each course the student was required to repeat at the receiving institution.